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Auxilliary Fan woes

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Auxilliary Fan woes

Post by dks » Wed Sep 15, 2021 12:02 pm

G'day folks.

Summer is coming to Qld and thought I'd address a non working aux fan issue.

My situation is my std aux fan not working (no resistance through it all) but I have a replacement.

About 10 years ago an auto electrician fixed an earlier aux fan problem by using an additional relay and taking a lead from the compressor so that the fan will come on with a/c but not when the temp switches operate. They also ran new cables from the relay to the fan and it used to run anly on hi - no resistor.

I want to reinstate the original connections - ie hi & lo speed relays etc but I am missing the little cable that goes from the C113 connector to the flat connector on the fan itself. Seems like the auto electrician disposed of this too ](*,)

Does anyone know anything about this little cable - I can't find info about it anywhere.
If I can get the mating Male connector at C113 I'm happy to make the little cable but I don't even know what the connector is.

Any ideas ?

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